Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Holidays & So Forth

Our first warm weather Christmas season was filled with faux fireplaces, sand "snow"men, paddleboarding, and "snow" storms on historic 3rd Ave. Much to our surprise, we didn't miss cold wether shenanigans (except snowboarding, we always miss snowboarding😞) We had our share of 65 degree mornings...Brrrrrr! Happy Holidays from Team Rockley!

Fireplace vibes

Most exciting part of Christmas season = rummaging through the Christmas deco box.

Snow on 3rd Ave

Marco Island Beach

Every season is bike riding season! Daisy Mearl, the Lalaloopsie baby, rides along😆

The Fran Monster

Fresh baked goodies from Nonni's house.

Herbie the elf getting some paddleboard action.

Herbie left a candy cane hunt on his last visit.

Herbie's vacation outfit!

Christmas card photo shoot on location @ Naples Beach...3 miles from home

Silly Sisters

Visit at the magical Casa de Rekowski on Pine Island

Christmas Eve

Our creepy little elf

Santa brought paddleboards!

The Christmas morning mess

Our traditional cherry pastries

For FL Christmas, you open presents and then get your happy selves to the BEACH!

Maiden voyage

Booma & Boompa came to town for Christmas Break. 

The obligatory sand snowman 

Happy Birthday to our little Bear

We headed out to Billie Swamp Safari to stay in a chickee hut for a couple of nights. It's kind of like camping in a cute little bunk house while dreaming of gators surrounding your hut upon your awakening. 

The swamp

Air Boat ElCapitan

We spent 2016's  final day at the beach (SURPRISE!) 

Happy New Year! 2016 treated us well. Tons of adventure accompanied by tons of the great unknown. I'd say we're living truer to ourselves these days, but we're still journeying to our "best selves," whatever that is...maybe purpose is a more accurate word. Aren't we all, though? We're in search of where to land (or not land) our family and we'll just keep rollin' til we know what to do. Cheers to adventure and the unknown!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Halloween, Family Vacay, and The Inbetween

It's Fall. We've lived in Florida for 30-ish days. Just got back from three months abroad and are taking two weeklong trips. As the saying goes, "Always take the trip!" That's what we're doing; we apparently don't like to give ourselves time to take a breather. We just hit the ground running! Good thing our babies don't mind us dragging them around.  

Sushi Party for my birthday.

Operation: make huge hand made, hand painted Halloween costumes and fit them on an airplane

We're Lego people...Lego versions of ourselves to be more exact. 

We do not mess around when it comes to Halloween!

What's better than camping? Halloween themed camping with two sets of grandparents, a haunted forest, pumpkin carving, and campsite trick-or-treating! 

My Lego girls with Denali, the vampiress.

Mr. Alastair won the pumpkin carving contest. 

Friendship Brewing Co with Nate, Carie, and family.

Nonni and Papa costumed up.

Hurricane Matthew party with Aunt Mary and Cameron! Kids' school was canceled, though the hurricane did no damage in Naples. 

Most delicious hurricanes by the pool during Hurricane Matthew.

Riding out the storm

Uncle Ryan never misses a beach sunset.

Bon Voyage! 

Boardwalking with Nonni & Papa

Mona Lisa handcrafted some sweet braids on the girls.

Junkanoo Beach

Fancy girls

The Sisters

My very handsome little boy (and his handsome Papa)

Those inflatable SUPs fit nicely on our backs for all occasions 👍

The girl cousins

Cousin Love

Nonni & Papa in Puerto Rico

Gelato on the ship. 

Sweet little Breck knocked that whole "perfect angel baby on vacation" gig out of the water! Hey, Ry, what are you doing back there? 😂

Graham SUPing in Grand Case, St Martin

Sibling Life

Somehow we found time to start a craft popsicle stand for Farmers Market. 

It's a family affair. We have our weekly Farmers Market traditions to tend to (i.e. fresh bagels for breakfast)