Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Pleasant Spring

We didn't take very many photos during our Spring Break trip. I think that means we were living right in the midst of the moment and forgot about our phones for a second. Or it means we were obsessed with surfing while we had waves to catch. Either way, both are perfectly acceptable reasons to under-document the trip. It was a super simple week spent in Cocoa Beach, about four hours northeast of us. With temperatures in the 50's all week, we were chilly and made honest use of the hot tub. 

We spend very little of our free time away from a water source. The rest of the photos in this post tell the weekend stories of our first Spring in Florida. 

Maisy found some flowers in the dunes. Gave one to her daddio. 

It's a cold morning for coffee on the beach.

Cocoa Beach has so much more space to kick a ball around (compared to Naples beach.) 

Who needs a soccer ball when you've got a volleyball😂

Kisses for sissy. 

Aunt Mary and Fran doing some popsicle promo for me.

Maisy is meditating (for approximately 43 seconds) while we wait for a friend. 

Every once in awhile we get on the water without our kids. Good thing, because this was the windiest day in the history of wind. 

Our Maisy girl took it upon herself to play her ukulele and make a tip jar at farmers market. She pulled in tons of cash; I guess the older crowd can't resist a cute little girl with an instrument. 

Enjoying a brewski before Shovels and Rope!!!

Face paint win.

Easter brunch

Clam Pass is our favorite place to float!

If there's a board, there's a Graham. Skimming is his/Alastair's new craze.

Someone got a new surf board. She's a beauty!

Alastair has been working on his sketching/painting skills. 

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! 

The Peace River has millions of prehistoric shark teeth in its banks; you just have to sift your brains out to get them. We came back with an enormous bounty! 

Here's one tiny one. We did get a coveted megladon too!

Normally, it is not very safe to swim in FL rivers, but the water was super low and gators are far less likely to be around. We did see one, though; he was only about 18" long. 

That time we dyed everyones hair. Maisy's ended up pink/purple. 

Fran got rose gold with purple highlights. 

Alastair got green and yellow. 

Sweet cousin Selah came out to visit. What a blast the girls had getting to play with her every day! Nonni found a spa specifically catering to little girls, complete with robes, sparkling juice, and tutus.  

Selah's first paddleboarding experience. She's hooked!

Cousins and pizza on the beach.

Discovering Florida's Natural Beauty

I guess I should have named this post, "We Paddleboard A Lot." The new year brought adventure, Florida style! When you think of FL, you think "beach." There's actually a flourishing eco tourism side of FL we never knew. We have started exploring every waterway, state park, and river we can find. The beauty is astonishing and the wildlife interesting. Contrary to our belief when we first set foot here, Florida is finding its way into our hearts. 

🎵We're the three best paddlers that anyone can have🎵

Lovers Key State Park

Our goal is to be on the water 3-4 times per week. It really is good for the soul🙏

Rookery Bay Preserve. Best spot for headstands and finding Horse Conch.

Manatee Park. We hoped to see more manatees, but the ones we did see were swimming right under our boards! Love those big sea elephants!

Our favorite bike ride up to Lucky's Market/The Dollar Tree/Pollo Tropical. 

Sunrise coffee dates on our boards = THE BEST!

Loading and unloading boards, the story of our lives. 

Farmers Market Life 

The girls love playing babies outside in our "yard."

100th day of 1st grade dressed as 100 year olds. 

Surprise birthday party for Nonni.

One of those days we pick the kids up from school and head straight to the beach.

Aunt Mary comes to see us a lot👌

The water at Clam Pass is undeniably the best in Collier County! Plus, Graham's quite the birder these days. 

When three kids share a bedroom, dad must build a private reading nook for our little book worm. 

The requested birthday cake for our little 7 year old twin babies. 

It's no joke, they really are besties.

Pool party!