Rockin' out with the Rocks

Labor Day marked the second annual "Rockley-Carter-Crutchfield Camping Extravaganza." Alastair is becoming a seasoned camper with three trips now under his belt. He loves the great outdoors and eating leaves, dirt, and an occasional acorn. He loves to chug water whether it’s hot or cold, bottled or bath; hydration is very important to him. He loves to be chased around the house and play hide and go seek. His newest buddy Ezekiel Hawk was born with a head full of hair that Alastair loves to pull. Alastair spends two to three days a week making mischief with his buddy Hunter, who by the way also gets his hair pulled. Lucky for Alastair, Hunter (who is solid as a rock and twice his size) is a good sport about the whole thing. Alastair’s one tooth from the last blog has quickly multiplied, with the current total at six. And with those six teeth he just bit his mother’s neck. Gotta go.

Pick'n on the telecaster
Naked handyman in training

Let'er RIP!

Sunset at the park
Swinging at Hunter's
Dirtbikes are in my blood
Pulling Ezekiel's hair

Labor Day in my pack'n'play
Sitting lake side
Chin-ups in the pool

This is my skelly-bones hoodie!


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