This is Halloween

Team Rockley dressed up as a few characters from Wreck It Ralph for Halloween this year. Unfortunately Graham had to be at work, so it was just the kids and me. In case you're not familiar with Wreck it Ralph, I added some cartoon shots of each of the kids' characters. Halloween is one of our favorites, so the kids naturally loved every minute of it!

Maisy was Princess Vanellope Von Schweets

A closeup of her black hair complete with licorice bow and candy barrettes. 

Francis was Q-Bert...she insisted on being Purple Q-Bert. It was a brilliant paper mache (although a bit uncomfortable) costume designed and created by Graham. 

Our little Fix-It-Felix stayed perfectly loyal to his character all day....actually for several weeks prior, he was overly excited about his costume!

Jack Skellington cupcakes for Alastair's school Halloween party. 

The sisters had a blast at the Kindergarten Halloween party at Niwot Elementary. 

The spooky food table at our next Halloween party at E-Unit's house. 

The gang brings 1000 kids trick-or-treating.

The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that. 

The Wreck It Ralph crew. 

The kids were OBSESSED with bobbing for apples!

The little girlies were super trick-or-treaters! 

Fran insisted on sleeping in her glowing glasses. 


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