Adventures in the DR

Graham and I opted for a 'no kids allowed' all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic in October. Our friends, Mark & Sina were along for the wild ride. Almost everything is pictured, sans the zip lining and crazy waterfall/cliff jumping adventure day. Footage of those two events should be on the upcoming DR video.  All in all, we had a blast! 

Post red eye flight, 6 hour layover in New York. I swear they keep it at 50 degrees at JFK!

We were first timers in New York, but unfortunately only spent time inside the airport. 

CHEERS to beginning VACAY!

Our favorite spot overlooking the beach. I'll go ahead and say that lounging in a swinging bed while being served sushi and cocktails isn't too shabby. 

During the 3 hour sales pitch at which they tried to stick it to us. At least free, fancy cocktails (pina colada made with Bailey's...YUM!)  were involved. 

Happy Hour before dinner. 

Mark is really excited about Asian Fusion. 

We never get to get all gussied up and go to dinner without kids! it had to be documented :)

Licking the crawdad. 

Open air bus to Adventure Day. 

The view from horseback, seriously, I got on a horse? It actually wasn't that bad. The fresh mangoes and guavas our guide pulled off the tree for us didn't hurt. 

All four of us on horses on the ranch. This place was pretty amazing!

I could barely watch these boys wrap a boa around their necks....EW!



The surf shop Graham and I motorcycled to. Encuentra Beach. Surfing is hard. 

Our mode of transportation for a day. The Dominican motorcycle laws are OUT OF CONTROL....and by that, I mean NOT ENFORCED. Needless to say, I was a tiny bit nervous. A local guy pulled up next to us and says, "Slow Down! It's Sunday and everybody's been drinking too much...HAHAHA!" So....drinking and motorcycling is ok? Weird. 

Brazilian meat night. Sina and I were sure Graham and Mark were going to end up with the meat sweats!

Dancing at the resort wide party on the last night.

Somehow, we accidentally ended up in a surprise foam party.  We're not 18, but it was kind of fun...don't tell anyone. 


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