Let the Games Begin

The mischief-machine that is our son is shifting into high gear. When he's not climbing into the dishwasher, demolishing toilet paper by the roll or shredding his mother's house plants; he can be found emptying any and all of the cabinets within reach. The stair case is also quickly becoming a favorite hangout for Alastair. He climbs up with the skill of a mountaineer and descends with reckless abandon. Put another notch in Alastair's "camper belt," last weekend we completed what I believe to be our last camping trip of the 2008 season. With the night time temps dipping into the low 50's sleep was minimal. But you can bet your falling 401K's, when the 2009 season comes around we will be hard at it.
Team Rockley: over and out.


Pumpkin carving

Jayla putting the smack down!

General Cuteness

1st dirt bike ride!

1st driver's ed. class

Alastair and VMX legend Papi

World's tallest baby

7 springs winery

Busted Again!

Dryer shenanigans

Muscle bound boy!

......and Again!


Callie said…
Uh-Oh...I hope Hunter didn't teach him to play on the staircase---sorry! Brian and I LOVE the pictures; he's SO adorable, guys!

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