Alastair's new favorite thing is to screech at the top of his little lungs like a pterodactyl. He finds it most appropriate and amusing when we are in a public place; sorry everyone in Chili's. The following is a list of other critter sounds: wooh! wooh! (for dog), cack! cack! (for duck), rarrrr! (for lion), and of course a deafening shrill screech for the aforementioned pterodactyl. He says puppy and cheese, and why not it's totally normal for a kid who loves both puppies and cheeses. Today Alastair had his first major skateboarding wipeout, resulting in a skinned and bloody nose and a bloody fat lip. I know.....I know......Don't worry the skateboard is fine. Check out Alastair's Skate Or Go Home video under the My 15 Minutes section.

Two important messages in this picture:
1. Oral Hygiene is for everyone
2. Halloween jammies are always in season

Like father, like son

Sweet Tattoos

Sunday Morning Oreos

Captain Spatula in a bath robe

Bath time Buddies

Playing with Teagan's kitchen

Rocking out!

Still Rocking!


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