Pete and Re-pete were.........

If we were pirates Alastair would be the parrot on our shoulders. He repeats just about everything he hears these days. It's not always crystal clear, but it's the effort that counts. He loves "Bee Movie" or as he refers to it "Mo" (thanks Hunter). The other night he woke up at 3 A.M. , I went to check on him and he yelled "MO!!!!!!!!!!!" and continued until we turned it on. Apparently kids do crazy things when they cut teeth. He still loves skateboarding and is getting braver everyday.

It's not a unicorn, but it will do.

Freestyle rocket riding


Mom and Boomtown

Weekly Target Trip

Winding Down

Assume the Bee Movie Position

Rasta Boy

Yard work with Dad

More child labor


We recently took a vacation to Negril Jamaica. It was our first extended stay away from our little critter. Our days were filled with sand, sun, and fruity cocktails. We took a trip to Rick's Cafe for an amazing sunset and some cliff jumping. When it was all over we were ready to get back to our sweet boy. Check out our vacation video "Chillax"

Rick's Cafe

35' cliff feet first, first time

15' cliffs perfect for flipping

Life's a Beach

Tree Jail

Beach Bunny!


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