On the Road Again....

If ever the movie "Road Warrior" is to be re-made (considering the level of creativity in Hollywood nowadays it will), Alastair, hands-down will be Mel Gibson's replacement. Over the course of 9 days, crossing 8 states, logging 4000+ miles we have returned home to tell of our travels.

*check back soon for the vacation video*

First stop Colorado..........Uncle Ryan's Graduation. After driving through the night with Alastair and his cousin "Deeney" (a.k.a. Damien) passed out in the back seat, we arrived in Denver.

Uncle Ryan's Graduation Party

At the park

1 hour and 45 minutes into the Graduation ceremony..........

Running up Uncle Ryan's water bill

Second stop......Moab Utah. We spent the day at Arches National Park, hiking and sight seeing. After that we set up camp in Hunter Canyon, which by the way is f-ing amazing. Our campsite was back in the canyon completely surrounded by red rock walls.

Self Explanitory

Biathalon....Rock climbing and competitive eating


Hitch'n a ride

Tini-tiny Team Rockley


The canyon is "Grander" when you lean out over the railing

He was left behind by the motorcycle gang.

Look out belooooooowwwwwwww!

After leaving the Grand Canyon we were south-bound headed for Tucson. We stayed a couple days in Marana with Grandma and Grandpa Rohlik. Alastair got to watch his first 3D Movie (UP) and his first trip to the zoo.

Stopping off in Sedona

New River detour

1st trip to the zoo

Grandma and Grandpa Rohlik

*put on 3D glasses for full effect*

Feeding the chickens

Watch your fingers!

Hatching a plan

Here are some misc. pics from the road.

The Bug Ranch.......somewhere in Texas

Stuck in traffic in Oklahoma

The Dread Pirate Alastair


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