TWIN GIRLS! Brandi is getting huge! She hears it everywhere she goes. Half of the general population think she is due any day, and the other half say "I was way bigger than that!" I tend to think the other half are bold faced liars. As it turns out when people find out you are having twins, they launch into a story about some set of twins they may or may not be related to, or how cool twins will be. They also commonly ask "when are you due?" for no other reason than to tell you "Oh that's my birthday!" (or birthday month or someone they may or may not be related to, has the same birthday). This is only the beginning. It will be ten times worse when the little heart breakers actually arrive. Strangers for some unknown reason think it is totally acceptable to touch babies, and give their half baked parenting advice.

We have yet to pick out which shade of pink to paint, and we currently do not have any names nailed down. If by chance you feel the need to give us your two cents on names; write them on a piece of paper and shove it up your @$$.........just kidding. We will gladly take your suggestions and throw them in the trash. ;)

On a much lighter note.
Alastair started school (preschool) a few weeks ago. He loves it. He still has no clue when we ask "Where are mommy's babies?" Alastair loves the holidays. He especially loves smashing glass Christmas ornaments. Plucking them from the tree and throwing them down the stairs, with a devilish grin. The running total to date is: 4.


You be the Judge

You gotta fight....for your POTTY!

Red Handed Slight of Hand

All Jazzed Up

Fall is here, ring the bell...

Mama Bear


Still Saw'n

Extreme Cousins

Just Chill'n

Rock Out!

Strut your stuff

Seconds before they broke....


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