Home Sweet Home!

We decided to share a few more photos of the Big Day and of our journey as a family of five thus far. Most photos are of our stay at the hospital as we are taking some time at home to get to know our new baby girls and welcome them into our family. Translation: we're too tired to take pictures for now ;) Thank you to everyone for well wishes, food, support, and visits!

Proud Parents

It's Okay......I'm a Doctor.

Daddy's proud gaze

Fresh out into the world!

Maisy Pearl Looking Fabulous!

Noni and Papa with the Twins

Gammi with Francis Mae

Eskimo Kisses

Angel Babies

Big Brother

Granna with Maisy Pearl

Momma and Maisy

Getting ready for final departure

Daddy with Francis

Maisy Pearl

Adorable Sisters

Ready to Roll!


Ryan said…
What little sweeties! Ry and I are so excited to meet our nieces :) Congrats to you, Sis and Graham---what a journey you have ahead of you with a family of 5 now! BTW, I love the pic of Alastair with his hat and gloves, man he is cute!!! Good luck with all of your babes and hopefully finding some much needed rest. Much love!
Beckmeyer Bunch said…
Congratulations Rockely Family.
You are in for the ride of your life. Those babies are beautiful! It makes me want to do it all over again. Naa.........our twins are seniors in High School.
Blessings for your family.
The Beckmeyers
they really are beautiful!!!

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