Family Tradition

Some families name all of their children with the same letter (ex. George, Gina, Gregory, Gwen,....) Well in the Rockley house our tradition is RSV. Alastair had it a 5 weeks and not to be out done; Maisy and Francis got it at 3 weeks. Both girls are doing well and soon should have it licked. Alastair is an amazing big brother. When the girls are crying he brings their "pooties" (aka. pacifier), he kisses their heads, and when strangers ogle he declares "MY BABY SISTERS!"

Last weekend was Easter, which means Easter Egg Hunts. Alastair is now a certified Easter Egg Hunter. We went to the Stone Crest Mall to see the "Easter Funny" as Alastair calls it. The ladies were decked out in Easter dresses and giant bows/flowers.

Team Rockley would like to take this time to thank the army of visitors, well wishers, and cooks who have contributed to our well being. Thanks!

Being this beautiful is exhausting

On the Hunt!

Maisy Pearl

Francis Mae

Happy Birthday Grandma!

9 Days Old @ the Park

Bedtime Buddies

Bath Time

Super Dad!

Sweet Boy!

Driving Miss Maisy


I've been wondering how you guys have been doing. Things are crazy hectic here...and mine are I know it's crazier there!!!
Ryan said…
Love the pictures! Ry and I can't wait to get to Missouri to see our nieces and nephew!!! Keep the pics coming--it's awesome watching those little babes grow up, even if it's from a distance. See you guys in a little over a month (with my 7 1/2 month belly:)!!)

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