Summer Funpacking

"There just aren't enough hours in a day." Well here at TeamRockley headquarters this old cliche has never rang truer. While one might infer it's all work and no play, that however is not the case. We manage to pack fun into just about every nook and cranny. Alastair loves to swim but his newest passion is the "schwip & schwide" (slip n slide), or really any water based activity. He also has taken up tennis and all things super hero related. The little ladies are also quickly becoming pool enthusiasts. They love ponies and diamonds and rainbows. A couple weeks ago, Brandi loaded up the crew for a solo day trip to the St Louis Zoo and to see BoomPa. She also got the girls ears pierced; They are ADORABLE!


With BoomPa at the STL Zoo

Professional Baby Wrangler

Momma and Frankie Mae

Little Goons!

Ear Piercing

Laying Out

Keeping it Cool

"Schwip n' Schwide"

Canaday's Con Los Ninos

Prelude to a cannonball

"Summer Rocks Cannonball!"

Momma & Francis Mae

Miss Maisy Pearl


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