A Very Rockley Christmas

The wait is over: after a five month hiatus, Team Rockley is BACK (For Now)! Who knew having three kids would consume every minute and ounce of energy one could hope to muster. Well we do, now. Life has been busy for this family of five. This fall we took a road trip to Denver, went apple picking at Eckert's Farm, attended a "fall festival" on Halloween and were the only ones dressed in costume, for the record. You should know we take Halloween very serious.
We did breakfast with Santa and went to the Christmas parade. The kids got to meet Santa. Christmas morning it looked like Santa's sleigh threw up in our living room.
We took another road trip to Denver after Christmas. We celebrated Alastair's 3rd Birthday with "Sledapallooza" in Winter Park. It was awesome.
The twins are busy crawling everywhere, eating dirt, and terrorizing their big brother.

Yep that's it. You're now up to speed.

Sshhh..... It's a secret.

Frankie's Scowl/Smile

All 3 Under the Tree

Buddy the Elf......What's Your Favorite Color?

I want diamonds and ponies and.......

Ginger Bread House

Momma and Maisy at the Christmas Parade

The Kiddy Corral

Bundled up

Christmas Morning

Alastair's Sleddapallooza Crew

Show Off!

Uncle Ryan and Alastair

Momma & Birthday Boy!


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