Yes, we realize that we are about a month late with the snow blog, but wanted to share the photos before the twins' big 1st birthday debut next week! Alastair enjoyed the 20 inches of snow fall, but I cannot say the same for Francis and Maisy. We went to all the trouble to bundle everyone up only to arrive in the bright, white outdoors, snap a photo or two, and rush the girls indoors. It was well worth it as all babies should get to experience FEET of snow and a quick photo opp for documentation purposes.

Alastair's reaction to the snow....He said, "It's Snow-mageddon!"

Keeping warm in the igloo built by Daddy

Maisy is a snow skeptic

Maisy Pearl (Left) Francis Mae (Right)

Everyone's SCREAMING!

The rest of these shots are the kids around the house. No special events, just Team Rockley being us.

Franci Sauce

The Sisters secretly playing at nap time

"Hello, I'd like to order a pony, please!"

Jammy Time

Sweet big brother

"I'm ecstatic about making messes!"


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