Summa's Over Ya'll!

No blog post since March = one long post to sum up Team Rockley Summer. This post includes all but our trip to Colorado; that will be a separate post.....most likely in December. Watch out, there are a lot of photos. Life has taken a turn for us as Graham is working in the great state of Wyoming, Ol' Wyom, in the oil industry! When he's been fortunate enough to come home, we've managed to enjoy a few Summer activities. Our new motto..."Decide What to Be and Go BE IT!" -The Avett Brothers

The kids enjoyed their first dip in the lake at Nicki's dock. Maisy was enamored by this squirting hose.

Francie Mae

One of many trips to the pool. The kids have become avid swimmers.

Sippin' on some hose water...mmmm!

Alastair with his bestie, Damien, at his FAV lake restaurant, Larry's on the Lake.

Alastair in mid-super-hero-crash, too bad you can't hear the sound effects to go along.

Watching the carp

Team Rockley rented a tandem kayak and went for a short float at Swinging bridges. The kiddos LOVED the change in swimming venue!

And for the final hoorah, Team Rockley and the Crutchfield's spent a day on the lake (sorry, we have no shots of you, Crutchfield's.) The boat was a great success.


holy cow...those girls keep getting cuter and cuter!!!

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