Let Them Eat Cake....

Oh, they grow up fast. Seems like just yesterday Maisy Pearl and Francis Mae were huddled together in the shape of a dinosaur egg under Brandi's yellow shirt. For their second birthday the beautiful bouncy duo splashed the day away at Timber Falls Indoor Waterpark. The girls loved their Minnie Mouse cake. They are totally pumped to meet her this summer at Disney World. It was and I quote a "Blastey......Blast!"

Graham took creative control over the cake; I think he did a pretty fantastic job!

The birthday girls and their fav pal, Ava.

Maybe black icing wasn't the most brilliant idea for 2 year olds......

...But Mais sure enjoyed it.

...And she wants to sing to you about it

Fran sure loved her jewels from Grandma!

Team Rockley warming up in the hot tub.

On their actual birth day, the little ladies spent some time getting pampered........and I don't mean diapered. They had a ladies day out with Mommy and Nonni, where they were treated to pedicures and ice cream.

The girls got their own cute pedi chair.

With careful precision, the birthday girls got purple piggies with a charming flower.


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