Tea for THREE, Please!

Our twin baby girls are THREE! We planned a tea party with a few friends we've met in Colorado thus far. It was as elegant as a small room filled with ten 0-4 year olds can possibly be. The girls loved sharing their red tea and cute party food with their friends! 
P.S. Who is volunteering to call me next year and remind me how much work it is to host a kids birthday party at my house?

 The girls are dressed and ready for their much anticipated tea party!

Lady Bug Bread. 
The girls thought these were adorable, but apparently not delicious because they just picked them apart. Oh well, it made for yummy adult food :)

My adorable doll anticipating guests, but mostly cupcakes!

My gorgeous girl waiting for guests to arrive.....

The beautiful cousin, Selah.

Fran enjoyed smiling at her cake more than blowing out her candles. 

This is as good as this shot could be after spending quite some time gathering everyone for the pink mustache picture.  Who's idea was this anyway.....???

Maisy and Francis took it upon themselves to open all their presents from Daddy and Mommy before the party started without us in the room, so they enjoyed gifts from their guests at the end of the party.


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