A Mildly Blustery Winter

I had an inkling that some folks were having a pressing curiosity as to what Team Rockley has been up to all winter. This post will ease your anxieties as it covers the goings-on of our winter in its entirety.

Many of the photos posted are of us snowboarding; it's been a dream to live close to the mountains and go as we please (assuming we can find babysitters.) I've come to love every aspect of it: the drive, being in the mountains, learning the sport, spending some much needed time in warming huts, lunch in the lodge, and happy hour at the end of the day. Plus, the added benefit of burning 1,000 calories in one day isn't too bad either :)

Our buddy, Stephen, during his first visit of the winter.

Teaching our boy to ski. Once he caught on, he LOVED it! He's a POW SLAYIN' genius!

A family hike in the Boulder Canyon.

What a totally decent brother! Helping sister, Fran, onto the rock.

We've spent a bit of time on the St. Vrain Greenway. The kids love the waterfall; it's become home to many days of exploring, climbing, and rock throwing.

So far, we've had snow every month we've lived here!

This was a particularly warm day...a good day for twin hugs :)

My favorite snowboarding buddy :)

Date Day on the mountain!

A good day for sledding right here in Longmont.

Movie night with Cousin Selah.

A happy heart I had this day, just me and my boy!

Boompa came to visit in March.

Nonni also visited in March.

"The Cousins," as the kids call them, also came in March (um....March was busy!) We headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for some sledding and incredible views on Maisy and Francis's 3rd birthday!

Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Gerrit, Aunt Tange, and the Cousins on our RMNP day.

Happy Birthday to "The Sisters," as Alastair calls them.

This is what happens when you put two brothers on a snowboarding high in a photo together :)

Stephen came for visit #2 in March. It was a 50 degree day on the slopes, cheers to beers at the outdoor bar!

Only Fran gets this excited about candy on the street. St. Patty's Day parade in Fort Collins.

It's not St. Patty's without at least one green beer! CHEERS!


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