The Gang Becomes Friends

Making friends when you're thirty-something with no job (or a job for which you're in another state half of the time) was beginning to feel impossible after the first couple of months in Colorado, but things have a funny way of working out. So here's a little story of how we finally made our way.

It all began with a Crazy Game of Poker (at Beth and Rob's house.) I said, "Hey Sina, whatcha doin tonight?" She looked at me with a face full of fright, and I said, "How bout a REVOLUTION!" and she said "Right!"
The rest is history, we became "The Gang" and also became instantly awesome.

On a Sunday

 Meet The Gang (Graham not pictured)

The Gang has their first theme party. Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

 The Gang goes bowling for Sina's 30th!

The Gang goes on a hike.

The Gang throws a dumpster baby into Lily Lake.

The Gang hikes again.

The gang acts cheesy on aforementioned hike.

The Gang role plays to the children on how to get along in the wilderness.

The Gang has a Tye-die, Pizza-Rita Party

The Gang goes to Blackhawk

The Gang has an intoxicated photo op.

 The Gang stays in The Moth Cabin.

The Gang goes camping.

The Gang goes to the pool {weekly} and obsesses over snorkels.

The Gang goes to Dillon Lake.

The Gang celebrates K-to-the-risti's birthday!

The Gang does an umbrella dance at G'Night Ride Festival.

The Gang cycles everywhere {and Mark hates beer.}

 The gang loves growlers while cycling {and Audrey loves beer.}

The Gang has a crazy hat/yard games party.

The gang has three cute 5 year olds.

The Gang has a water balloon fight.

The Gang eats tacos.

The Gang incessantly jumps on the tramp.

The Gang has a 4th of July Rager!

The Gang rages over sparklers at the Rager!

The Gang hearts karaoke.

The Gang goes mini golfing with 800 children.

The Gang drinks on the streets of Boulder before 'popping off' in Charlie's bus called Simple Green.

The Gang gets near kicked out of Red Rocks over G's fuscia belt!

The Gang jumps in the river.

The Gang dances in the rain at Rhythm on the River. 

The Gang goes to the zoo.

The Gang waves at the elephants.

The Gang hitches a ride.

The Gang says, "Hey, what's your Bean Situation?!"
It's Always Sunny in Longmont


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