Travels to the Lost City

In September, Team Rockley took a trip to Atlantis, Paradise Island, in the Bahamas.  This particular location was a true Utopia for the kids....water park splashing every day, shark tanks, ice cream & free movies at the theater most nights, can't beat it! Boompa, Booma, and cousin Denali showed us the ropes around this insane resort. 

P.S. There's a link to the video of our trip under "My 15 Minutes" to the right. I've also added a few other videos for your viewing pleasure (Fashion Show, Valentines Slay, River Rats, & Ski Skool) 

Question: who doesn't dance at the airport at 6am?

First night at Atlantis, parade and live Bahamian music. 

These three girls (along with matching outfits, swimsuits, and jammies) were in girl cousin heaven all week! We ended up telling a few people they were triplets as we were asked several times per day. 

Best daiquiris on this planet. 

Graham and I went exploring and tasted some local Bahamian beers. Cheers!

Strike a pose, Fran!

One of Atlantis' 8,000 pools. 

Coconut drinks!

This guy lives for punchin' waves!

Booma and the kids.

Who's excited about the beach? These guys!

We visited a fort in Nassau. 

Everyone's loot from the straw market. The Bahamian ladies sure got a kick out of these sweet babies!

Boompa and the gang. 

Alastair and Denali became serious "crazy river" buddies. They even got flipped by a huge wave and came out smiling!

Getting sucked into the rapids.

So this is a depiction of the whole trip.....the kids were WIPED OUT every day!

Matching Atlantis gear. 

My naked baby beach bum. 

A Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop on the property called for several ice cream socials.

Team Rockley on the rope bridge.

Shark tank.

The kids became expert plane riders!


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