The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer....

...Is screaming loud about opening stockings on "Family Christmas Eve" for all to hear. 
We had an early Christmas, called "Family Christmas" as Graham was scheduled to go back to work in North Dakota on Dec 23rd. 

Our little flower fairy and Astrid (from How to Train Your Dragon 2)

A few minutes after opening presents and eating all of our special Christmas food, Graham got the call from work that he gets to stay home through the New Year. YAY! 
 Since we had already celebrated, we road tripped to spend Christmas in Missouri. 

 Our little Elf at the Canaday Christmas Eve celebration at Dad and Debe's. 

Booma prepares the elves for Christmas Eve present-o-palooza. 

Reading with Boompa on Christmas Eve. 

 Santa came! Alastair even noticed the wrapping paper being different than any other presents. 

Gotta feed Blossom Flowerpot so she will poop charms :) 

Franni Bug and her "Niva" baby.  

First Easy Bake Oven project. 

 Alastair was pretty excited about rolling around inside this Giga Ball.

Klondyke Park the day after Christmas.  


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