Our Mutal Colorado Breakup

You know how mutual breakups are the saddest because two people still love each other, but they just can't make sense of going forward together? That's Team Rockley and the great state of Colorado...it is time to move forward and say goodbye to each other. Once we made the decision, this immense amount of sadness covered me like a {scratchy, wool} warm blacket {on a 95 degree day.} We handpicked this state, leapt into the unknown, and created a life that we came to love dearly. We live and die by the words of Shovels and Rope...."Keep on rollin' til we know what to do"

Moving to St Louis area to live with my dad is a {kind, accommodating, and pragmatic} detour in our ultimate adventure. The oil industry just couldn't hold out, so we will work for my dad's company and save loads of cash (Thanks, Dad and Debe!) We've already sold everything we own and we've been "rollin until we knew what to do...."

And that plan, in all of it's glory, is to move abroad! Cheers, USA, it's been real. Pura Vida, Costa Rica! Why, you ask? Because we are given this one life; adventure inspires the hell out of us and we have this one chance to give that gift to our children and ourselves. Although the American Dream has afforded us abundant, memorable life experiences and creature comforts, we want to simplify to the max! Less is more; more time with our family, more resources to explore and show our kids some true adventure and culture, more freedom to live where we want and how we want. Some call it "Lifestyle Design." This one life is a gift, Langhorne Slim says it nicely, "Got to give it to get it, got to live it, less you regret it...Life's a bell that must be rung, Life's a song that must be sung..."

In short, we will go to Costa Rica for 90 days in June 2016 and live in four different areas, explore, and see that we can make a life there (we have lots of ideas, but if I tell ya I'd have to kill ya.) We could come back to the US and decide that it was a considerable adventure, never to be forgotten or regretted, but that we should start over somewhere in states. In that case, we'll likely join the tiny house movement, especially since we don't own a single piece of furniture anymore (yeah, that's unbelievably freeing!) We're open to all possibilities. We could stay in CR for a year, five years, 10 years, or forever...just waiting to see where life takes us. There's so much I can say about Costa Rica, but more on that later.

Goodbye to our favorite adventure yet........Colorful Colorado.


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