Home is Where the Jaco Is

     Who shows up in a foreign town with a reputation for drugs and prostitution at 4:30 pm on a weekday with 3 kids and no place nailed down to call "home"?  WE DO!  Calm down.......everything worked out fine.  
     After a 4 hour road trip from Tamarindo to Jaco we arrived to find out the condo we had lined up to rent "fell through."  Scrambling to find anything at that point to live in was a heavy load dumped in our laps.  After viewing a couple of run down crack dens in our price range we were getting desperate.  Suddenly an angelic voice from behind the desk at the local RE/MAX office could be heard "I have a 1 bedroom luxury condo you might be interested in."  With nothing to lose we took a short drive to Club del Cielo.  
     This was it.  We would call this home, at least for the next month.  This oasis has a fantastic pool equipped with a water slide, a rancho with hammocks and a small donated library, an area to grill with tables, and last but not least a ping pong table.  All of this located one block from the beach. for the month was less than most people pay for a week.  Crisis averted.
      By all accounts we are settling in nicely here*.  We are the unmistakable gringos perched atop rusting jalopy bicycles with kids piled on, hammocks, a frisbee, water bottle, and surf board headed to the beach........or other times loaded down with groceries and produce from "El Zacereno" our favorite neighborhood market and fruit stand.  Embracing the "pura vida" lifestyle here is refreshing.  

Well, gotta go..........it is almost high tide and these waves won't just surf themselves!

*Alastair still claims that he does not want to live in Costa Rica.  As he simply states "I am more of a mountain guy, not a tropical guy."

Casa de Rockley

"Our Spot"


Fran's new grin.....sans bottom front teeth

Bohio Cafe

Groceries get heavy after a half mile

Star fruit

On the GO

My new BFF

We shimmy up trees for free coconuts

Mamon-chino........oh so good

Family Sedan

Super Grom.........Alastair

Everyone loves PALETAS!

Cah-co-kin-a-quo-a..AKA: homemade coconut pico

Morning hike to this amazing over look of the town of Jaco

Playground on the south beach........moments after this photo
Francis' swing broke, sending her flying onto the rocks!
No major injuries were sustained.

Hot Wings

Dear Ms. Schmidt


La cucaracha........local delicasse


nicole rekowski said…
Dear Ms. Schmidt..... Hahahahaha!!!

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