The Mountains are Calling

......and we must GO!"  Well, more a volcano than a traditional mountain, but I think it still appropriate.  Rincon de la Vieja;  If we are naming names.  We reserved accommodations at Hacienda Guachipelin, a working ranch turned hotel / adventure center.  If this place doesn't offer it, you don't need it.  We went horseback riding guessed it.....a WATERFALL, where we did what we always do: swim in the amazing blue waters and jump from whatever we can climb.  We soaked in the relaxing natural geothermal pools, and coated ourselves in some sort of  mineral rich mud.  We hiked along a jungle trail to Las Cataratas Oropendola (waterfall), which we had to ourselves, and possibly the most beautiful of the falls we encountered.  We zip-lined through narrow stone canyons and lush jungle canopies.  Last but not least, Alastair and I tubed three miles down a river of class II and III rapids.  So basically it was awesome.

On our return trip to Tamarindo, we had a uncomfortable encounter with La Policia.  We were selected "randomly" at a impromptu check point.  By "randomly" I mean, "hey stop the gringos in the rental car and shake 'em down." After informing us that we would be receiving $300 worth of tickets for not having booster seats and our passports on hand, the "nice" officer  could not unglue his eyes from the cash sitting in the center console.  Noticing his keen interest in the matter, I informed him I only had 3000 colones in cash......roughly $6.00, of which I offered him and said "have a beer on me."  He looked puzzled and let us go.  

 Swimming Up River

 GeoThermal Pool

 Dirt Birds

 Muddy Buddies

 Lovers are Fighters

Benicio El TORO


 Francis Galloping

 Francis and Seabiscuit

 3 Amigos


Jungle Bridge


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