Happy Trails, Central America

Since I'm writing this four months post-Costa Rica, I will tell of the retrospect we gained from our trip. Our final days in this beautiful country were spent soaking up our favorites: hammocking, surfing, Playa Conchal, happy hour on the beach, a sunset bonfire/hotdog roast, a trip to the central valley (which contrary to its name is in the mountains,) and a McDonalds dinner (I know, gross! But we were dying to see how their coca-cola compares to the USA.) 

Aside from the obvious things we loved about our trip (not working for three months and surfing every day,) here are a few rich-in-spirit-lifestyle perks worth mentioning: 
  • We ate way less food! Something about not having a vehicle and riding two bikes with five people and all of our groceries every time we needed food...
  • We drank less alcohol. This is debatable whether it should be on the pros or cons list ;) 
  • We stayed super active. The aforementioned daily family bike rides while sweating buckets contributed. Also surfing (holy upper body!)
  • We each shed 15-20 pounds....see above.
  • We used less electricity, mostly because we were forced to, but it resulted in some major appreciation for creature comforts we often take for granted. We used our air conditioning only 2 hours per day, we did not use our hot water heater, we did not use a dishwasher, we did not use our clothes dryer (most of the time.) 
  • We each read 12-15 books. 
  • We took cold showers. Never even missed hot water for a second!
  • We spent far less time on our phones. Wifi was our friend, we didn't buy cellular data. 

We concluded that being without the variety and amenities we are used to in the United States made us better people. Honestly, it was refreshing not to have everything at our fingertips. It kept us on our toes, having to put our heads together on how to make day to day stuff work. It's a bit mind-blowing not to be able to hop on Amazon and have your every desire at your doorstep in two days, but the recalibration was a kickstart to our over-privileged American selves. 

Will we be back in CR? We hope so, but the reality is we need more time and resources to make it happen. Until then, we search for adventure in wherever we land. 

It's Going To Get Weird.......2 Anklets

Hammock Ate My Babies

"Bus Stop"

Soakin up the final days of surf....

Our neighbors


Strawberries, chocolate syrup, and sweetened condensed milk, who wouldn't?!

The cloud forest is rollin in.

This Lot Is For Sale w/3Bdr....$60.000USD

After sweating for three straight months, it was "freezing" in San Jose...70 degree evening. 

Just Couldn't Wait

Coffee Country




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