Fah Rah Rah Rah Rah......Rah Rah... Rah Rahhhhhhhh!

This was Alastair's 1st Christmas, and even though he didn't get to meet Jolly Ole St. Nick; He did however meet his share of Christmas icons. 1. The Grinch 2. Mrs. Claus 3. Sparkles the Elf. "Well Mr. Kringle, if that is indeed your real name; You Sir Missed Out!" Whether it was Santa or Jesus or a Mythical Gift Giving Unicorn I'll never know, but someone came in the dead of night and delivered a pile of toys. Our living room was littered with trucks and blocks, and tiny shreds of wrapping paper. Alastair didn't care for the opening so much, he just wanted to run everything over with his Tonka Truck. When he finished with that he took a break and sat in it.

Keep on Truck'n


Tear it up!

Cousin's in Christmas Sweaters

Gingerbread House.......Check

Sparkles, Damien, Alastair, & Mrs. Claus

Connect Four Prodigy

Blocks are my favorite!


He spent the entire day in his robe

*Oh yeah one more thing. Alastair started walking on Dec. 22nd; not competitively or full time, just when he feels like it. Five steps here, six steps there, it's just a matter of time until he's running everywhere.


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