Kiddie Caravan

Team Rockley joined forces with The Carters, The Phillips, and The Johnson's for some good, clean, family fun at Silver Dollar City. Our "kiddie caravan" zigged and zagged through the endless sea of power chairs and toothless hillbilly riffraff. After filling up on all things fried and meat on a stick, we were primed for the rides. Swirling and spinning, looping and cork screwing the day away, while the kids sat wishing they were 48" tall. Countless diapers were changed, naps were scarce, and a few tears were shed. All in all it was a huge success. Alastair got his first hair cut at Cookie Cutters in Springfield. He did not sit still at all. It looks pretty sweet especially the "rat tail." His long feathery locks are gone, he no longer looks like a baby.

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"kiddie caravan"

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First Haircut


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