Yes, Team Rockley is selling everything they own and moving out of state 10 days after Halloween, but did they make homemade costumes a major priority?....YES THEY DID! We had four wind-up dolls and one grim reaper. The kids collected copious amounts of candy with a bunch of their little friends in two neighborhoods. We have lots of love for Longmont neighborhoods and all the fine folks we have met here!  

A close-up of Graham's wind up key....he hand painted all of our keys. 

Maisy girl. 

Franni Mae.
The girls are wearing dresses saved from my childhood...apparently my mom dressed me like a fancy doll on the regular.

Alastair and Graham paper mached and hand painted this mask. The  robe is made from a bed sheet...talk about costumes on the cheap!

School Halloween party

The girlies LOVED putting on all this makeup! They were awake at 4am ready to get started, you'd think it was Christmas morning around here. 

Creepy dolls


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