Our Big, Sad Move

Leaving Colorado was one of the saddest events I can remember over the last decade of my life...I know that sounds super dramatic, but there aren't too many things that get me down, this felt the ultimate defeat. In the grand scheme of things, it was a good move and leaving behind one dream to pursue another isn't the worst thing anyone's ever done. Change is hard. Life is good. Excited about what's to come. 
Here are a few highlights of our Colorado goodbyes.

This wasn't really an official goodbye, but it was one of our final hurrahs. Bottomless mimosas, besties, and two distilleries in one day = happy Colorado memories!

Alastair went to the new movie theater with his buddy, Drew, on our last night in town. Little cuties! His mama dropped in for a tearful goodbye later :(

Jump City with friends. You can't beat neighbor friends with ladders in each other's backyards for convenient backyard play ALL DAY!

Buddies, Wyatt and Alastair.

We bought a bottle of wine with our picture on it (cheesy, I know,) but we'll enjoy it at our next reunion. 

Our living room full of stuff to sell! We sold it all, except the vintage drums...never got a fair offer on those.

At one of our garage sales, the girls sold some limeade to passersby. 

Final Farmers Market. Boulder County Farmers Market, you gave us some fun, impressionable learning lessons, cold mornings, hot afternoons, and delicious Kombucha!

Goodbye to our dear neighbor, Ellie. She is forever in our hearts! The girls ran next door for story time, board games, and cookies several times a week, love her! Our other neighbors, the Jacques, aren't pictured, but are near and dear as well! Kevin brought spiked hot chocolate over late on our last night so we could take a break from loading the truck and reminisce for a minute. It felt like we had been a part of this community for 15 years, but it was just a short, heart-felt three. 

Last morning in Longmont must include our favorite coffee shop, Ziggies! Peanut Butter Mocha for LIFE!

Girls only car...ready for a tearful road trip! 

We sure hated leaving this magical place! Sorry (not sorry) if we seemed obsessed with Colorado.....we'll always idealize this time in our lives. 

The moving truck made it to Missouri with Graham's truck in tow!

And this is how you commemorate arriving in St. Louis!


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