Holy Winter!

Winter is SO forever long here in Colorado. I won't lie and say it doesn't get to me sometimes :) But luckily Team Rockley has found a plethora of funpacking adventures to fill our time. 

 Cleaning  snow off the trampoline. 

Graham sewed himself up a swanky pair of swants for the belated ugly sweater party.

 The Longmont ice skating pavilion became a favorite spot on warm-ish days. 
 Yeah, they're definitely going to be pros...I can tell.

 Rocky Mountain National Park

 RMNP Alluvial Fan

 Free Day at the zoo is the best kind of zoo day!

 Winter did lend itself to a few warm days. This was a beautiful day to climb around at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. 

 Maisy's words before putting this outfit on: "Mom! I want to wear WONDERFUL clothes!"

 Chautauqua park. Climbing up to the Flat Irons. 
 We didn't quite make it to the Flat Irons, but the way down was fun!

 Graham and Stephen with EPIC amounts of snow at the warming hut at Loveland. 

 Pow buddies. 

Happy hour at Rabbit Mountain. Valentines Day. Awesome.

 Sledding fun at Hidden Valley (RMNP)

Teaching the girls to ski on a sledding hill. 

The girls' first day skiing at Loveland.

St. Mary's Glacier hike with the Canadays. 

Bear spent his time searching for treasures. 

Cousin Lunch.

Burning some energy at the park.


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