March is always a festive month....we're usually waiting for it to warm up outside, but the weather was being bipolar, so we had an 80 degree day for the girls' birthday party and 30 degree day for St. Patty's. Such is life in Colorado :) Who cares about weather when you have reasons to CELEBRATE! Our twin babies turned FOUR! These girls are best friends and compliment each others' personalities like no other. They are a true joy! Having just seen Lego Movie, they requested a Uni-Kitty party.

We began the day with breakfast at Panera.

Invitations created by Graham

The party was at the park. Everyone was excited to see baby Shiloh walking!

Pin the horn on Uni-Kitty

Graham is the cake decorator of the family. I'm the baker :)

St. Patty's fest was cold! But Team Rockley can't pass up a chance to dress up!

The girls with their friend, Emmie. 

Our bouncy little Fran.

And our silly leprechaun boy.

Have a green beer, peace out!


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