Nonnie, Papa, and Paradise

The beach (and my Momma) was calling my name in February! Knowing there are still potentially 2-3 more months of snow in Colorado, Florida sounded pretty nice! The kids and I hopped on a red eye (Graham was at work in ND, Ugh!) and landed in Florida at 5am! Running on a few hours of sleep (more like one hour for me) they were ready to party with the palm trees upon arrival!

DIA is actually relatively easy to tote 3 kids around when it's midnight and empty.

Maisy being a teenager.

Hitting the pool with Papa first thing in the morning.

Popsicle party!

Franni with her baby, Cherry.


This girl never stops! The kids could play for hours and hours on the beach!

Building sandcastles with Papa, perfect day!

Papa's a goof!

Girls only walking trip to farmer's market one morning.

"Cheers" at the pool!

The kids were in rides-cotton candy-festival heaven at the Strawberry Festival.

Happy boy, last day on the beach!

A boy, his Papa, and a kite.

Maisy punching waves.

Perfect ending to a perfect trip...sunset on the beach.


shari enloe said…
Love your paradise post! that was so much fun having you all here! Love having our big kids and grand babies here, it makes the beach a "funner" place!
Love you guy's! next time bring that daddy guy

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