Hello, Fall!

We're Balls to the Wall Fall around here. Although, Fall began with plenty of 80 degree weather, Colorado's true Fall came through with snow that stuck around for over two weeks. Sadly, Graham couldn't be home for Halloween or Thanksgiving, but we fit in festivities galore.

A tiny Fall Festival in Littleton had lots to offer the kids. 

Cousin photo booth.

Library trick or treating with Emmie. 

Bear's school Halloween party. 

Graham painted Minecraft heads for all of us. 

Trick or treating with cousins. 

These are notes that Alastair wrote to me and his sisters in the car one day. Sweet, sweet boy!

Our first snow.

These sisters have so much fun playing together. They make up new games every day. This day they were playing "cold puppies." 

We recently unpacked a bunch of my old dolls; Maisy and Franni immediately fell in love with all them! Rainbow Bright and the cabbage patch dolls are a big hit!

 We have the best outdoor ice rink here in Longmont. The kids love it and want to go at least twice per week! Everyone is in the process of gaining their balance and doing awesome.

Alastair has a class teddy bear that comes to each student's home for a few days. We then add a writeup with pictures of our adventures to a notebook that he shares with the class. We took Traveling Bear sledding with us. Good times.

Fran and I had a date to get coffee/smoothie and then take a walk at Golden Ponds. She's a fun little date!

Our Thanksgiving getaway to the mountains. Every day ends with swimming in the outdoor pools and hot tubs. We love this place! 

 First day back on the mountain this season. For Bear, it's like riding a bike, he's just as speedy as the end of last season.
We're still in the process of teaching the girls how to ski. 

The leash helps in our endeavors. 

The four girls cousins on Thanksgiving. 

Luckily Thanksgiving came with warm weather, so the kids played outside most of the day. Selah took this picture of Maisy. 

Nonnie and Papa were here for Thanksgiving; we got a quick visit with Santa in before they left. 

Cabbage Patch Dolls joined us for the Niwot Christmas parade.


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