Summer Overview

You know you're about to read an "overview" post when I'm posting about summer in November. Sometimes we get too busy being awesome to write about it. So here are some photos of what Team Rockley was up to this past summer, the official "Summer Overview!"

Our cuties sharing some ice cream at the mall. 

 We took a little summer road trip to be a part of Ricky and Alyssa's wedding. It was sweltering hot, but a good time was had by all! The girls were 2 of 4 flower girls.

My 4 favorite people on earth. 

Our best little man. 

Mary and me.

Our very last visit to Granna's garden (she moved to Florida.) She let us dig up some flowers to bring to Colorado. We'll keep Granna's garden alive here! 

After the wedding, we drove to St Louis. Cousin, Damien, joined us at Six Flags. 

Cousin Buddies

Graham taking off on his vintage cafe racer. Built not bought.

Our sweet boy spent a whole week at Booma & Boompa's without us. He went to Six Flags three times, swam every day, camped, and minecrafted his heart out. 

Fourth of July cuties. 

Swimming at Emmie's.

This hike near Glenwood Springs was relatively short, and unforgettable! 

Hanging Lake. Seriously, that view, though.

My second fourteener of the season (and of my life.) Mt Bierstadt with my brother and dad. Much more reasonable than our first fourteener!

 A little hike in Leadville, CO.

Jumping to Boompa. 

Just a picnic in our front yard on a regular day. 

We had some great summer days on Carter Lake (about 20 miles north of here.) 

The Cousin Tent = no adults allowed. 

Maisy and cousin, Selah, playing on the beach. 

Alastair gets a big kick out of taking the kayak out by himself. He's a natural. 

Daddy/son sunset by the fire. 

The three girl cousins manned the lantern while the boys/uncles searched for crawdads.  

Snowcones after brother's baseball game. We love Boulder Snowie!

The annual cousin trip to Casa Bonita. 

Story time with Daddio.

Fran talked all summer about getting her first haircut. I wasn't sure she knew what she was asking for, so we waited and waited and her request stayed consistent. She cut off at least 12 inches and donated it to Locks of Love. 

It turned out so so cute!

Alastair's last night of baseball. 

Another cousin hike. 

Hiking is the BEST when it's followed by Nonnie taking us out for ice cream!

As summer's end neared, we had to hit up our annual Red Rocks show. Mary came for two weeks so we could fit in two shows at Red Rocks. Here we are waiting in line with our road beers. 

 Carter Lake, silly girls.

Alberta Falls with Aunt Mary. 

School starting always feels like a shock to our summer fun. But it's inevitable and the kids enjoy it, so here we go, First Day of School! Bear is a 1st grader! It took months for us to get used to him being gone all day every day, we still don't like it.  

 The girls' first day of pre-k.

Walking into school with Daddy.


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