Party On, Party People

Just because school started and put a huge damper on the amount of time we had with our kids, we couldn't let it stifle our fun. Mary was still in town and the sunny Colorado weather was begging us to swim in its freezing rivers and lakes and dance at Red Rocks just one more time.  Cheers to Team Rockley livin it up!

A day at Boulder Creek with a bit of Cuba Cuba take-out = perfect adventure day!

The kids love playing outside at our local distillery as much as we love sipping on the crafty cocktails. 

Beers in line at Red Rocks. 

If you take a photo at the show (Grouplove and Portugal the Man) and hashtag it just right, your photo would end up on the big screen....this one totally made it!

Another beautiful Carter Lake day. Our silly little Franni bug. 

Bear, our little water wolf, on the boat.

Graham is teaching Fran {and Alastair} to surf. 

These two cuties learned to ride their bikes without training wheels!

Exploring a riverbed just outside of Lyons. 

The kids played here for hours, what a relaxing little spot!

Franci at our neighborhood park. 

The girls love craft time at the museum, especially when Daddy plays dress-up afterward. 

We did a little early fall camping trip in Vail. I didn't expect the Aspens to be turning quite so early, but it was the most fantastic surprise! I've seriously never seen anything like it; we're lucky to live here!

The camping trip was planned around the Rendezvous Music Festival. Good live tunes (Dawes and Langhorne Slim)  in the mountains on a warm, sunny day are the BEST!  

Maisy Pearl on her Daddy's shoulders.


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