Break a Leg!....err....Arm!

The sweetest boy in the whole world was the first of Team Rockley to break a bone. Our neighbor gave us his old rip stick (don't know what a ripstick is? click here) and even gave Alastair a little tutorial. Five minutes later, Alastair fell off. Graham and I were surprised by his overreaction and attributed it to staying up super late the night before. Some ibuprofen, an ice pack, and a half hour to calm down were not rectifying the pain, so we went to Urgent Care. 

Happiest boy ever...waiting for an x-ray. He kept telling the nursing staff that his pain level was a "1."

Aaaaaaand, it's broken! 

He had to be completely sedated (Ketamine, that stuff is creepy to watch your child on!) to get his bone set and cast put on. 

He says the IV was the worst part!

He was bummed about the lack of swimming and bike riding in his future, but I'd say he adapted to cast life pretty well. 

I just had to add this pic. He does this every time we're on an know this scene from Elf?!?! 


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