The Bunny, The Bunny, Oh, I Love The Bunny

It's Spring-ish in Colorado! 80 degrees during the day and 30 degrees at night. Boompa and Booma came out to stay in Estes Park for the week with Granny and Pa and Aiden and Denali. A treat all around for Team Rockley! We had a few adventures and then enjoyed Easter festivities after they left town. 
Franni and Denali at Rocky Mountain National Park. 

The infamous Boompa Catch!

Alastair at RMNP

For some reason, this is the only picture I have with Granny and Pa in it. We sure enjoyed having them out here!

Booma handing out Easter baskets at the park, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt and goodbyes to everyone. 

The BUNNY CAKE! It was a nice addition to our Easter Brunch with friends and neighbors. 

The Easter Bunny feels like the kids usually get too much candy on Easter morning, so he left a scavenger hunt which ultimately led to a huge chocolate bunny with a bunch of $1 coins inside! 

I don't recall the reason, but Alastair would not pose for an Easter pic. 

The girls with their friend, Emmie. 


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