Nonni and Papa on the DOUBLE

Team Rockley doesn't always visit Florida twice in two months, but when we do....we party at the pool with Nonnie and Papa erryday. In January, we took a trip to LegoLand and Cocoa Beach before deciding {on a whim} to head down South to Nonnie and Papa's for a few days. In February, the kids and I took a trip without Graham. 

Our kids are becoming pros at red eye flights from DIA. 

Must find and swim in the pool before doing ANYTHING else at the condo. 

LegoLand. It was a beautiful day to be outside, mid seventies at the warmest part of the day, but apparently Floridians feel that wearing puffer coats is absolutely necessary when the weather dips below 70 degrees. We were happy for the break from Colorado winter and wore shorts and sandals!

We are the smartest...we rode the WETEST ride 3 times right before leaving for the day. Who does that? 

Surfing at Cocoa Beach

Girls were so happy to have their toes in the sand!

Boogie Boarding 4 Life...until we teach him to surf :)

 Girls only: Pedicures with Nonnie!

This begins our February trip....we found one of those photo booths at the Naples Zoo. 

We picnicked at the zoo and rode a boat around to see the monkey islands. 

Maisy is serving up a little pool snack.

Smores on Nonnie and Papa's back Lanai. 

My little Mermaids at Naples Beach

Francy Sauce in our beachmade "pool"


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