Mountains are Calling, We Must Go!

Family vacation to Avon, CO for all things active...yes, please! Dad got a couple of condos that we (15 of us!) shared up in the mountains. Couldn't have asked for more perfect weather and surroundings.  

Before going to the mountains, our (basically teenaged) son hopped on a plane (alone) and spent 10 days in St. Louis at Booma and Boompa's house. We advised him not to leave any fun in Missouri; I don't think he did, what with the Six Flags trips, swimming, camping, hotel stay, etc, I think he had all the fun that a kid summer can hope for! 

Twenty six mile bike ride on the first day. Views were stunning. Although, it's Alastair's record ride length, he disliked about half of it, little stinker!

Paddleboard Yoga. I'm in Love!

Eight of us climbed Grays Peak, for most, it was their 1st 14-er. Micah's rockin it. 

Weather was perfect, although we did run into a patch of snow. 


Technically, our first summit together. Both of our 2nd summits, separately. 

Mountain Man

The 3 of us ran from Gray's Peak to Torrey's Peak at Graham/Daniel speed in 28 minutes. It typically takes about an hour. It was a tireless 28 minutes!

Cousins at the Rodeo.

White water rafting. The Arkansas River was at the highest point where rafts are still allowed on the rapids. It was wildly dangerous, and stupidly fun! 

Kiddos stayed back at the Lodge with Booma while the rest of us went out and had wild and dangerous adventures. 

The infamous Lollipop Hunt! 

Man, I love this hike! Hanging Lake Trail near Glenwood Springs. 

A little father/son bouldering on the way up. 

Someone's gotta be the cheesy one. 

Boompa and Maisy girl.

Spouting Rock selfie

Team Rockley @ Hanging Lake

My little dolls

Fran loves the dandelions. Brother and Sister call her the "Best Finder of the Family." It's an accurate description of our trail blazer. 

The whole gang at the Avon Fourth of July Festival.

Fourth of July Fireworks in Avon


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