California Dreamin'

Graham and I took a trip out west to see some of our dear friends, Stephen and Jessica. It doesn't hurt that they live in absolute paradise in Morro Bay, CA. Graham's true utopia is surfing every waking moment, so the 50 degree water was no deterrent. The beauty of the sunset, the rugged scenery, and our friends' lovely hospitality cannot be matched! 

In search of the perfect wave.

You can't really see what's happening in this photo, but I love it as Graham & Stephen are surfing the same wave. It does a heart some good to see these buddies together in the water. 

A moderately hazy Big Sur

Sand couch

That's Morro Rock in the upper left corner. Stunning!

Jessica and Julio on our sunset hike.

Sand dunes

We had to check out the paddleboard experience of Morro Bay.

"Speak, dog!"

Nonni and the kids on their way to a musical.

First day of school! We are thrilled to have been accepted into Mason Classical Academy, where the feel-goodery of modern public schooling is not a part of their rigorous education. 

Formal Fridays are the cutest!

First day of school monogram pancakes. Graham is the household pancake master.

Alastair is getting started with Cub Scouts. Should be interesting.


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