Let's Make a Mess

As a general rule, the start of any project begins with a godawful mess. I always forget this rule until I see the mess and become overwhelmed and disheartened. But not Graham, he dives in like a grand master pro. The house is coming along nicely with a few projects knocked out already. 

Once upon a time when we were just wee tikes at 23 years old, we built a 2,800sqft house on nights and weekends after working our day jobs. Now that we're doing something similar and have a family of five and are 14 years older, we are EXHAUSTED! The kids have been tremendous; they do some real work, then take breaks to watch movies on a projector we set up there. Blood, sweat, and tears, baby!!

In the midst of managing two homes and our crazy construction zone, we found out that Alastair fractured his Patella (knee cap.) He injured it two weeks prior at his skim competition, but it wasn't bothering him too badly, so we assumed it was just twisted. He's pretty bummed out about his full leg brace and his lack of physical activity. 

Sweeping up the mess

We let the kids draw all over the walls. My favorite wall message says, "Let's go to Taco Bell!"๐Ÿ˜‚ 

In Florida (as opposed to the midwest) we texture ever inch of the walls and ceilings by hand. Who's ever heard of such absurdity?! I thought I would be spraying texture onto the walls. Graham's response, "Aww, that's cute. It's arm day!" 

My little (big) helpers

They scoot around on these furniture movers and scrape the floors. 

I'm mustering up all the energy I have left for some enthusiasm on texturing celings. 

New pocket door๐Ÿ‘Š

The scrape queen

We restored our Terazzo floors this weekend. Graham reports this machine to be a BEAST! 

The results were markedly impressive!


The house is coming along and looking great. You guys have done a lot of amazing work. So proud of you both. And those little helpers of yours!

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