2018, You Are Weird!

The new year brought some massive unexpected, change to our lives. If there's one thing we have gotten used to, it's change and uncertainty. Just because we are used to it sure doesn't make it easy. Rob (my stepdad) decided to abandon his family of 30 years, leaving mom crushed and us without income overnight. In addition to having sudden loss of income, we had to find a new place to live. Turns out, those two things don't go well together. 
I could write pages about the emotional battles Mom, Ryan, and I are facing, but I will leave that for another time. The purpose of this post is to talk about muddling through the pain and prevailing in the end. Beauty has managed to find us amongst the chaos and fear. 
Even though life became scary and uncertain, we managed to have some fun. 
I'll keep telling this story in future posts because it goes on and gets better :) He's the one losing out, not us. We keep showing up.

We go to the beach a lot. There's always clarity at the beach.
"The sound of the water speaks not to my spinning mind or yearning heart, but to my still, strong soul. The water is speaking in a language I knew before the world taught me its language." ~Glennon Doyle~

Skim buddies for life. 

On a cold, January morning...

I can't get enough of these sissy pics :)

I ran a half marathon in January. It was hard. I had a nice cheering squad at the finish line, though. 

Post race day Bloody Mary bar!

Again with the sissy pics...I hope they stay best friends forever!

Brunch outside in January. Just one reason to embrace that Florida life.

Five mile bike ride for Naples Pathways Coalition.

Uncle Ryan came down to Florida to support mom right after we got the news about Rob. We love having him here. He's a goofy addition to the family that keeps us grounded.

Box wine when shit runs downhill. That's what you do. You go to the beach with the whole box and sift through your life and figure out how to move forward. It works!

Our buddy, Stephen, came down. We got to show him some of our favorite spots. 

Clam Pass 

We went up to Cocoa Beach (love that town!) for Spring Break and hit up Beach N' Boards Fest. Alastair got to skate with some likeminded kids. 

Fran is plugging away at her crossstitch-esque project from Grandma. 

Look at that little surfer cutie!

Vans hats!

We dragged everyone out to sunrise on the beach at a crisp 42 degrees. 

My little beach bum

My girl, Olya. Always up for an adventure. 


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