Team Rockley House Hunters

Naples is not the place to be searching for a home when you've just lost your income and are a family of freelancers! Housing is INSANELY expensive here (not California expensive, but still.) After a tumultuous month, the stars aligned and we bought the only house we can afford in Naples and we happen to LOVE it! It's a fixer upper, but I have an amazingly talented husband, so here we go! 

We have spent the past 1.5 years in a 2 bed, 2bath condo. We always say that where we truly live and experience our best life is in the great outdoors; our condo is just where we sleep. That being said, with a love for the outdoors comes toys for the outdoors. All of those toys are kept inside our little condo. Here's what we live amongst:
Twelve stand up paddleboards, six surf boards, three skim boards, four skate boards, and five bicycles. These are all stored in our living, dining, and bedrooms. The functional space is good, but we're ecstatic to have a garage! 

Lanai Circle, we already love you!

The garage will be great one day.

First Sunset at the new house. Check out those palm trees right in the front yard. 

Lunch with the dollies. Graham calls them his "grandDOLLters." 
You can't really see the flooring well here, but it is terrazzo and needs some restoration. It is gorgeous and vintage and apparently considered a super high priced commodity nowadays.  Win!

The new fridge. At least we have our priorities straight. Had to first christen the house with a champagne toast, then stock it with our two favorite beers ever!

The kids are quite the helpers!

Ripping out door jams.

Roof helpers. We were super stoked to discover a few mango trees on the property. 

Bird's eye view of our neighborhood. I'll post more photos of the project as we progress!


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