A Lot of Moving

Team Rockley announced in September that our move to Colorado was finally happening. Packing up our home of seven years was quite a task, but moving day arrived and we were lucky enough to have some friends and family there to help load up. My parents were in from Florida to take care of the kids; Graham's parents were there organizing the truck load. Emotions were high as we were leaving the home that we built with our own hands every night for 18 months and the home to which we brought all of our babies from the hospital. We felt especially loved and supported and had a swell send off! Thank you to all who contributed!

 And the loading begins......


It was a pleasure to have our old buddies there to see us off!

The guys had a few ideas of what else could be done with the moving truck. Then we decided we should get down to business!

Loaded up and ready to go.

New house, new town, new life....a little scary, a lot exciting!


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