Farewell, Lake, You Will Be Missed

Our summer days at the Lake were stellar! Since I was no longer working, we had uninterrupted family fun time when Graham was home. Ironically enough, after living at the lake for seven years, we purchased a boat at the end of last season....just in time to enjoy for two seconds and move away. The boat certainly lent us some serious fun-packing this summer! We made effort to soak up every bit of summer memory as it was our last in the ultimate Missouri summer fun spot! As we move forward in life and attempt to fulfill some of our long term goals, our family, friends, and home in Missouri will not be forgotten and are sorely missed!

"I'm soaking up Missouri sun one last time!"

This is where we spent our time 2-3 times a week with various friends.

And this is where we spent our time as soon as Graham came home.

The Master Sea Captain

Lunch at the pool with one of their treasured friends, Ava.

Like Father Like Son

Can anyone be cuter enjoying a pb&j with a floppy hat?!?!

Our babies surely adored being lake rats :)

Surfing with Daddy

Sister love

Learning to skate young

One last visit with the St. Louis cousins.

Lunch at the park


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