It's Always Sunny in Longmont

With mixed emotions and a healthy dose of excitement Team Rockley drove into the sunrise on October 1, 2012. Pumped with caffeine (yep, we were exhausted...turns out moving is HARD) and traveling with a huge moving truck packed to the core, the road trip which usually takes us 12 hours took at least 16. We arrived at the Canadays, which is where we lived for our first two weeks in Colorado. All of our belongings went into three storage units (yep, that was a hassle to say the least) only to be removed and moved into our new home in Longmont two weeks later. The greatest thing we have experienced since moving is Graham's work schedule. He began working 14 days on, 14 days for six months out of the year, we do WHATEVER WE WANT, hell yes!  Here's what we've been up to since living in the great state of Colorado.

Two days after our arrival was my birthday; we celebrated with brunch at a little mountain cafe.

A big thank you to these fine folks for putting us up for two weeks.

When we arrived in Colorado, it was 80 degrees. This shot was taken five days later at a festival where the kids and I got to see our fave summer band, Grouplove; it was 35 degrees.

An afternoon ride to the park

What I like about Colorado parks are their open green spaces! These girlies think it's pretty fabulous as well.

Our Maisy girl loves to dance! And she loves putting this dress of her cousin's on EVERY time we go over there...sorry Selah :)

Our new backyard was full of leaves. No complaints, though; there's lots of room to run around!

Francie Mae

Batman is tending to the area that will be my garden.

Our visit to Anderson Farms

Corn maze

We made bat costumes for four of us; then there's our lone vampire.

Our first snow (in October)

Alastair learned to ride his bike with no training wheels at our neighborhood park. What a proud day for G and me!

Our little bats at the Longmont Halloween parade.

Trick-or-treating was buckets of fun with these guys!

Craft time at the Longmont museum

We made a trip back to Missouri for Thanksgiving. We also hit up Silver Dollar City for some Christmas festivities.


Enjoying some cider at SDC


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