Old Wyom

Team Rockley adventures continue! After spending nearly two weeks in Colorado, Alastair, Francis, Maisy, and I made the drive to Pinedale, Wyoming (approximately an eight hour drive from Denver) to meet Graham. We stayed in a cozy cabin right in town. Graham had to work 12+ hour days for the first four days, so the kids and I found things to do. Luckily the town's annual Rendezvous Days festival was happening, which we found to be a blast! When Graham finished working, we headed to Yellowstone National Park for a couple of days. Lastly, we made the 24 hour haul home...without stopping...ugh!

 Throwing rocks in the pond.
The weather here was so beyond perfect. It was in the low 80's during the day and in the low 40's at night, so no air conditioning needed. Plus, NO HUMIDITY. I have a very vivid memory of the feeling of returning to the heat death trap of Missouri.

Every day, just before Graham got home, we took a walk across the street to Pine Creek to sit and enjoy an afternoon snack. It was the most peaceful part of our day!

Rendezvous Days homemade root beer and cream soda in these fancy bottles...we indulged in these daily.

Soda Picnic

Yellowstone National Park

Maisy is running around waiting for Old Faithful to blow.

And she BLEW!

We drove around the park taking in the breathtaking sights. It was a lot to do in two days, but we did see a majority of the park. To our dismay, we did not get to see a bear or a big horn sheep.

For accuracy purposes, let's call this our wooden tent. It was absolutely perfect for us as it achieved our most important goal which was "don't get eaten by bears!" It was just a room with a bunk bed (no bedding;) I'd say we did quite well considering we had no camping supplies with us.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Tower Fall

Alastair practicing some rock jumping skills


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