In the Summer of 2012, (yes, I have failed miserably at keeping The Rockley Roost current) we made a spontaneous decision to head out west for three weeks. My new found stay-at-home-mom-freedom afforded us the time for extended travel, which, honestly, made us a little giddy. Aunt Mary decided to join us, for which I was delighted as I was planning to make the drive out alone with the kiddos. We met Graham in Denver and enjoyed a few days in the mountains with friends. We spent the remainder of our time at The Canadays (my brother and his family.) Graham headed back to work in Wyoming and the kids and I joined him there a week later....another blog post will update you on our Wyoming trip, don't worry :) This was such an amusing trip for Team Rockley, especially in regards to our anticipatory move to Colorado.

Winter Park

View from Red Rocks Amphitheater where we saw the Avett Brothers...a summer trip to Colorado wouldn't be complete without a perfect performance from these guys at a perfect venue!
Our hike above tree line at Winter Park.

Our friends, Stephen and Zach, were able to join us in the mountains. An unexpected gathering!

Team Rockley

Alastair found some snow. He was stoked!

We hiked down to this Spring. Our boy braved the icy water temp for this photo op ;)

And this is our Team Leader being a bad-ass....practicing high kicks, of course.

What can we say, this gal loves some Jamba Juice!

Cousin time at the park

We made a little jaunt up into the mountain town of Pine where Graham's aunt and uncle live. The kids met GG (great grandma Rockley) for the first time.

I can't tell if they like Hello Kitty or not........

Cousins enjoying some popsicles in the summer heat on Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tami's back patio.


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